AlchemyCMS Guides

These guides are designed to help you become familiar with the open source Content Management System Alchemy CMS v3.3.0

Alchemy is not a common CMS.

Alchemy actually is a CMS framework. It enables you to build your own CMS.

The name speaks for itself: Alchemy is a kind of chemical construction kit for developers who want to build professional web-applications in a short time frame.

Content managers are enthusiastic about Alchemy CMS because of its clear and powerful user interface, which is easy to use and intuitive to learn.

Learn to work with Alchemy CMS

We highly recommend reading the following "first steps" guides to learn about Ruby, Rails and the architecture of Alchemy's powerful content storage system.

1.) First steps

Getting Started

Everything you need to know to install and create your first AlchemyCMS project.

Alchemy´s Architecture

How AlchemyCMS is working.

The Alchemy approach

How to organize content in Alchemy

2.) Basics


What are pages and how do they work.

Page layouts

What are page layouts and how do they work.


What are page-cells and how do they work.


What are elements and how do they work.


What are essences and how do they work.

Configure Alchemy

How to change Alchemy´s configuration options and what do they mean.

Upgrading Alchemy

Learn how to upgrade Alchemy to newest version

3.) Best practices

How to create a blog template

Best practice in creating an editable blog template.

How to create a form

Best practice in creating (contact) form.

Render images

How to work with images and use the powerful Fleximage templates.

4.) Customization guides

Customizing the Richtext Editor

Learn how to customize the TinyMCE richtext editor.

5.) Advanced topics

Create Essences

How to create essences.

Create Modules

How to create custom modules.

Custom Authentication

How to add you own custom authentication.

Extending Alchemy

How to extend Alchemy core functionality.

6.) Deployment

Deploying on Heroku

How to deploy your Alchemy site on Heroku.

Deploying on RailsHoster

How to deploy your Alchemy site on RailsHoster.