Where ever you have your strengths, if the hole community is pooling them we will make something glorious. Adding just small piece of quality content is a good way to get started.

1 What to Contribute?

  • Coding and testing
    • Alchemy CMS needs more people fixing bugs, coding features, testing, or developing plugins.
  • Authoring guidelines
    • Help the community by writing down your knowledge. Add missing guides, fix outdated chapters, or just report it.
  • Translating the backend
    • Alchemy needs more translations for its backend. If you speak a still missing language, you´re welcome for translation.
  • Using Alchemy CMS
    • Contribute by using Alchemy CMS: Use the Google group and populate it!

2 Contact

You don´t know how to get started? Get in contact with the community and ask for help, you´re welcome!