Customizing the Richtext Editor

This guide explains how to override the default settings of the TinyMCE richtext editor and customize it. After reading this guide you will be able to:

  • Overriding default settings
  • Customizing the toolbar
  • Changing the default stylesheet

Override the default settings

To override the default settings you have to create a tinymce.rb initializer file into config/initializers.

Alchemys default settings for TinyMCE can be found in the documentation

A Minimal Editor

Let's reduce the options for formatting the text to a minimum.

Because Alchemy merges the default options and your custom options you just need to pass the options you want to override to Alchemy::Tinymce.init.

# config/initializers/tinymce.rb
Alchemy::Tinymce.init = {
  toolbar: [
    'bold italic underline',
    'pastetext charmap code | undo redo | alchemy_link unlink | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify'

Now only this three basic formatting options are available in the first toolbar to your editors. In the second toolbar are now the align formatting options available.


Overriding options always in the initializer applies to all richtext editors in all elements in Alchemy.

Custom toolbar buttons

You can customize the TinyMCE toolbar with a lot of buttons. Find them in the TinyMCE documentation

Adding a format select box

Let's add a format select to our editors so they can insert headlines into their texts.

In the TinyMCE documentation we found our configuration option:

  block_formats: "Paragraph=p;Header 1=h1;Header 2=h2;Header 3=h3"

We just have to convert this javacript object into a ruby hash. And we need to insert the format select into the set of buttons.

# config/initializers/tinymce.rb
Alchemy::Tinymce.init = {
  toolbar: [
    'bold italic underline | strikethrough subscript superscript | numlist bullist indent outdent | removeformat | fullscreen',
    'pastetext | formatselect | charmap code | undo redo | alchemy_link unlink'
  block_formats: "Header 2=h2;Paragraph=p"

That's it. Now the editor can format a block of text as headline 2. Nice!


Custom buttons always appear in all richtext editors in all elements in Alchemy.

Setting a custom stylesheet

It is a good practice to set the stylesheet TinyMCE uses to display text in the editor area to the one you use to render the website.


Please read more on custom stylesheets in the TinyMCE documentation

Create the css file

Put a tinymce_content.css stylesheet into your app/assets/stylesheets folder.

Setting the stylesheet

# config/initializers/tinymce.rb
Alchemy::Tinymce.init = {
  content_css: "/assets/tinymce_content.css"

Compile the asset for production

In production mode (on your server) Rails uses compiled assets to speed up the rendering of your page. As default Rails only compiles the application.css stylesheet. But you can tell Rails to compile our custom TinyMCE stylesheet as well.

Open the config/environments/production.rb file in your editor and insert this line:

config.assets.precompile += %w( tinymce_content.css )

Per element customization

You can also set TinyMCE configuration options per element.

# elements.yml
- name: minimal_text
  - name: text
    type: EssenceRichtext
        - 'bold italic underline',
        - 'pastetext charmap code | undo redo | alchemy_link unlink | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify'

Configuration Syntax

You can set any TinyMCE configuration option. Just remember to convert the javascript syntax into ruby.

Convertions Tips

Javascript and Ruby has very similiar syntax. Especially if you use the new Ruby 1.9 Hash syntax. So converting is no big deal.

Object to Hash

{ "key" : "value" } => { key: "value" }

Array to Array

Arrays have the same syntax. So you can just take them as they are.

["1", "2", "3", "4"] => ["1", "2", "3", "4"]

Object with Array as value

{ "key" : ["value1", "value2"] } => { key: ["value1", "value2"] }

Object with Object as value

{ "key" : { "value" : ["value1", "value2"] } } => { key: { value: ["value1", "value2"] } }
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